SINCE 2004

Pulse is a Berlin-based project that started in the autumn of 2004 when an international group of writers, designers, artists, and journalists gathered together with the dream of creating a forum for discussion that would connect our diverse countries and disciplines.
We wanted to engage in serious thought together and do it from a place of inspiration rather than obligation.
Over the past ten years, even as the project has evolved and changed, Pulse Berlin has remained an open community sharing and discussing the questions, challenges and comforts that fill our hearts and thoughts.
The magazine we print is more of an art object than a commercial enterprise. And the wider project is unabashedly idealistic in its hope to transcend geographical, social, and intellectual borders.
The celebrated and influential voices gathered here have taught, inspired and instigated us over the years and we couldn’t stop the ball rolling now if we tried.
Thank you to everyone who has participated and kept this project thriving. Working together with you has opened conversations that have shaped our lives and connected us across time zones, lifestyles, and beliefs.
We look forward to our upcoming 2015 publication. And to the relaunch of our website and social media platforms.
All articles and content will be back online by the summer of 2015. Till then warmest wishes and see you soon.