This issue of Pulse is a discussion of truth and authenticity, featuring conversations between well-known spiritual leaders, atheists, rockstars, entrepreneurs, bioethicists, poets, mechanical engineers, activists, bloggers, filmmakers, international journalists and nomads.

The question of “what is true” may be impossible to answer; yet it remains a core motivation in everything from artistic inspiration to international relations.
In a world of Wikipedia, relativity and the multiverse, truth tends to be whatever the majority allows to pass. What dangers lurk in such a view of truth? And what are its pleasures and liberations?

In this issue of Pulse, we talk with people who incite and inspire us about how truth continues to operate in their lives and creations. We talk about the ways we come to trust in the things we learn, in the things we feel, and in each other.

Pulse is about the activity that happens in the places between definitions.

We live in a world where problems are no longer localized: issues in every discipline exceed the limits of that discipline and need illumination from many others, as do the problems of nations and cultures.

Pulse Berlin is about opening new conversations between nations, cultures, and disciplines because we believe it is this interplay that ultimately leads to positive forms of change.

– Andrea Kay Hiott